Between a stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom - Victor Frankl

Welcome! Glad you are here.

I invite you to experience a cooperative therapy relationship in which you have the freedom to be yourself, to be imperfect, to laugh, and to evolve. My practice focuses on helping people heal from traumatic experiences including childhood neglect, sexual violence, loss, and any situation that results in a feeling of overwhelm and an inability to cope.

With a foundation in relational psychodynamic therapy, my clinical work integrates traditional talk therapy with techniques from modern trauma treatments involving mindfulness, somatic, and experiential approaches.

I would be privileged to help you create the life you desire. Please contact me for a free 15 minute phone consultation to learn more about how we may work together.

What can I expect in our sessions?


You can expect an individualized focus on both the here-and-now and the there-and-then based on your needs, possibly including:

  • emotion awareness and regulation - to build resilience and effective coping strategies.

  • body awareness and trauma sensitive yoga - to be with the present experience and enhance the mind-body connection.

  • trauma processing/renegotiation - to heal from pain, shame, and fear.

  • psychoeducation - to empower you through knowledge.

Who can benefit most from this type of therapy?


Individuals who:

  • are curious and open to new perspective on their experience.

  • seek calmness and focus.

  • want to move beyond the past and focus on the present.

  • wish to be fully engaged in relationship with themselves and others.

  • want to feel empowered and activate the inborn capacity to help themselves.

What is trauma?

  • Highly identifiable/catastrophic events: Rape, extreme bodily injury, natural disasters, physical/sexual abuse, war, etc.

  • Other painful situations: Parental criticism, neglect, being bullied, work/school stress, divorce, family illness/addiction, losses, etc.

  • Any situation that results in a feeling of overwhelm and an inability to cope.