I believe...

  • you can get what you want
  • you have a platform of strength to build upon
  • laughter is great medicine
  • we make our own luck
  • the best is yet to come

We all experience emotions. Sometimes we embrace them, other times we run from them. While events that evoke these feelings are unique to each individual, emotions are universal. I know what feelings feel like. Just as you do. You are not alone. Whether you have reached out for help in the past, or are seeking it out for the first time, I truly look forward to helping you learn about yourself and grow.

Professional Licenses and Certifications:

  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Utah, New Jersey and New York
  • Trauma Sensitive Yoga Certified

Professional Memberships:

  • United States Association for Body Psychotherapy 
  • Trauma Informed Care Network 
  • Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

Advanced Trainings:

  • Healing Shame Certification Program (in progress) - Center for Healing Shame, Berkely, CA 
  • Post-graduate training program in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis - Object-Relations Institute, New York City